Prostate Screening

Aldershot Lions Club, supported by the Lions Club of Fleet, are offering discounted prostate screening kits for men between the ages of 40 and 70. 

A few minutes could save your life!

Prostate cancer is one of the biggest killers of men over 45 in the UK. One man dies every hour in the UK and early treatment saves lives.

The facts:

Why test men?

With one man every hour dying from prostate cancer and 40,000 new cases every year and no national screening available, Aldershot Lions Club aim to provide a discounted PSA home test to as many men between 40 and 70 as possible. It's well proven that early detection and treatment may vastly increase your chances of survival.


We work with retired Consultant Urologist Mr David Baxter-Smith, supported by the Graham Fulford Trust.

Samples are sent to a specialist laboratory for analysis and the results conveyed to a consultant urologist who will then arrange for a letter of information of the result to be sent to every man taking part with their own individual results. The results letter will be coded red, amber or green and men will be advised that they should contact the doctor for any further investigations or treatment that may be appropriate. You are reminded that by definition the test is only an indicative one and we strongly advise you to follow up with your GP. Very occasionally the result could be normal even though your prostate is abnormal and you should seek advice from your GP if you have trouble passing urine.


All men between 40 and 70. We would like you to pass the word to family, friends and work colleagues. Our aim is to reach as many men in the Aldershot area as we can.

How much?

The test is subsidised by Lions Clubs of Fleet and Aldershot, as long as you live in these areas. Please register for your test (and for further information) at

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Prostate screening