Aldershot Lions Club (a branch club of The Lions Club of Fleet) will be merging with our nearest neighbours, Farnborough Lions Club, as from 1st July 2024. We are dedicated to serving in our local community, and by joining with Farnborough, we believe we can make a difference. We will jointly be known as FARNBOROUGH & ALDERSHOT LIONS CLUB.

We are always on the lookout for like-minded people to join our friendly club - and it doesn't cost the earth (in fact, less that a cup of coffee per week). If you would like to know more, please use our "Contact Us" form, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible! Either that, or look in our Club Calendar and see where we are going to be - then come and say hello!!


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Please scan the QR code to book, or click HERE

We strongly embrace the Lions Club International Five Pillars of Service: Vision, Hunger, Diabetes, Cancer, Environment.
The Lions Clubs International motto is We Serve, which to Lions means selfless service to others in need in our local communities. The word We is inclusive, which includes transparency relative to gender, religion, ethnicity, politics or nationality.