Lions Charity Advent Calendar 2023

The Lions Advent Calendar is a joint venture with Fleet Lions and Hart Lions clubs.

Over 70 prizes have generously been donated with a value of more than £3,500. They include a wide variety of experiences, goods and discounts including vouchers for meals, fitness, gifts, festival tickets, clothing, afternoon tea and much much more, and on Christmas Eve the top prize is £250 in CASH!

Advent Calendar_2023

Check everyday at www.lionsadvent.org.uk or scan the QR code on the calendar, from 1st to 24th December to see if your unique number (on the front, bottom right of your calendar), has won a prize!

Follow the instructions on the website to arrange collection and enjoy your prize.

There are at least THREE prizes behind each window. 

Our website also gives details of where we will be selling these during September, October and November - just look at www.lionsadvent.org.uk for details.